David Mills
"I am totally focused on
my client's needs, and I
work to realize their
dreams as if they were
my own."

David Mills
Since completing his first job in 2004, David Mills has
grown to become one of central Indiana's leading home
improvement contractors by specializing and focusing on
Fiber Cement and other quality building products.

David's professional approach to evaluating potential client
needs has helped hundreds of homeowners preserve and
maintain their homes integrity, value and appearance while
saving them thousands of dollars in heating, cooling and
maintenance costs.
David Mills is recognized as central Indiana's fiber cement
remodeling authority and educator.  He regularly lectures
real estate professionals and has been a guest speaker for
the Indiana Home Inspector Continuing Education Program.
 David's strict quality control guidelines and attention to
detail limit annual production to just over 100 homes a year.  
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"Educating Consumers and Protecting Homes."
Broad Ripple
Aluminum to Fiber Cement.
Cedar to Fiber Cement
Tudor conversation.
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David Mills